The Accelerator Program is the catalyst that enables first-stage entrepreneurs to catapult their business to the next level.

In line with EO’s mission to help young entrepreneurs grow their businesses, we have created the Accelerator Program as a high-energy, content-rich learning opportunity. Content focuses on four key areas: people, strategy, execution (sales & marketing), and cash.



Become a Magnet for A-Players who are Dedicated to Results

Growth companies’ most difficult decisions involve getting the right people in the right seats. Is everyone in your company aligned, pulling their weight, and contributing as they should?



Create Sustainable Top Line Growth

The keys to sustainable top-line growth are: knowing your core customer, developing a clear brand promise, and developing your BHAG® (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for sustainable revenue growth.



Develop a Strategic Advantage Over Your Competitors

One common challenge that quietly sneaks up on successful growth companies is the subtle transition from excellent, precise execution to passivity, complacency, and eventually poor execution disciplines. Tightening up your execution habits can dramatically improve your gross margins and profitability while reducing the time it takes to get work done.



Accelerate Cash Flow to Fuel Your Growth

The first law of entrepreneurial gravity is “growth sucks cash”. We encourage companies to examine their cash acceleration strategies. This measures the time between spending a dollar (on marketing, design, rent, wages, etc.) and earning that dollar back throughout the company.


Accountability Groups

As an Accelerator participant, you will be matched with other participants to form a small group known as your Accountability Group. This group will ensure that you are learning and growing as an individual, both through the learning provided in the classroom and through the interaction with your peers. Groups will provide the framework and tools to help each participant stay on track with their committed goals.


Connections to Experts

Facilitated by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the Accelerator Program enables you to meet on a quarterly basis with an Entrepreneurs’ Organization member in your area. This trained facilitator, a successful entrepreneur who leads a business with at least US$1 million in annual revenue, will serve as your local Entrepreneurs’ Organization Accelerator contact, helping to guide the program locally with a committee of other Entrepreneurs’ Organization members who are dedicated to the success of the program and its participants.


Each quarterly program will be led by a trained facilitator who has been a first stage entrepreneur. These moderators will bring a wealth of experience and connections to help you navigate through the content and glean as much as possible from the learning that is presented. The facilitator will answer questions from personal experience, helping you deal with the issues you face in your company with thoughtful and practical insights.


Peer-to-Peer Learning

Once accepted to the Accelerator Program, you will be able to network with other emerging entrepreneurs who can offer lessons and insights from their personal experience. The networking among Accelerator participants will be an invaluable part of the program not only in your local city but in other cities around the world.


Our mission is to empower you with the tools you need to grow your business to more than US$1 million in sales.